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Five design things of this week #9

Time doesn’t slow down its run even if you would  beg it. We will soon cross the middle line of the autumn season. This traditional selection shows how we want … Continue reading

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The North Art Nouveau

There is nothing new, except only that we aren’t tired to repeat for the hundred and fifty-first time : “St. Petersburg is an amazing city!” Sometimes we walk along the … Continue reading

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Five design things of this week #8

Autumn is not a time for sadness and melancholy, autumn is the time when it is necessary to mobilize a relaxed organism for starting new projects. Transparent blue sky and … Continue reading

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Star’s promises. Horoscopes for october

It is a beautiful time, when not only the golden autumn starts to rein, but some people with bright aesthetic beginning were born namely in this period. October should fill … Continue reading

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Five design things of this week #4

The time for set of ideas for the week #4, that includes these interesting oeuvres: 1. Dandelion S Wood touched by Light Dandelion, a big bang of light After a collaboration … Continue reading

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Five things of this week #3

The third set of this week consists: 1. Stellar Console Table by Jake Phipps Part of the award winning Stellar Collection – the Stellar Console Table is inspired by the … Continue reading

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When design inspires # 8. The birth of a new objective world. Giancarlo Zema

Wavy lines give the impression of a flowing form. Inspired by nature, its biomorphic silhouettes, Giancarlo Zema Design Group creates objects using new technologies to ensure that complex things are … Continue reading

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