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When design inspires #7. Pure aesthetics of pure forms. Pierre Cabrera

The form. Line. Material. The harmony of these three components provides a clean design, free from any frippery, like the triumph of functionality and beauty. Twenty years after working in … Continue reading

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Aili Vint. How to see the soul of Sea

The most vivid impressions, as we know, from our childhood. Aili Vint felt in love with the Sea when she was a little girl, then she realized that she would … Continue reading

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When design inspires # 6. BRABBU. The uniqueness and harmony

In search of inspiration from nature and the harmony for a modern inhabitant metropolis the company BRABBU plunges us into a world of amazing things and unique atmosphere. Curved lines, … Continue reading

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«Sa» means «to know». Ancient masks of siberian people

Masks. Masks. Masks. Even the most ordinary of them seems as something of mysterious, perhaps because thanks to them, we can become someone else, be reincarnated, protect themselves from the … Continue reading

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Sounds of organ in the great silence. Auke Mulder

The mystery of farness will not be resolved and remains forever. Farness is in my experience that which is not here, neither there, unless it indicates direction for thinking. This can be forwards or backwards, horizon stretches in each direction.

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Tullio Crali. Entrancing freedom of flight

So, is the flight normal? Freedom, movement, novelty, all of this is the aesthetics of Futurism, where prospects of broken lines and keen angles of diagonals of extreme flight make … Continue reading

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Kandinsky. Musicality of color. Rhythm of forms

One could expected more from the exhibition of Kandinsky in the Russian Museum … But no, it’s not a stone in the direction of the organizers, they did an excellent … Continue reading

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