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Fantastic world of Eyvind Earle

Contemplation, tranquility and full Zen – that’s what  a modern man lacks sometimes. How oftenweI want to say to ourselves or to our relatives: “Let’s slow down the pace, let’s … Continue reading

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Michele D’Avenia. Sensuality of subjects and the movements of femininity

Contemporary art is a complex phenomenon, the closer it is to us, the harder it is  to understand its philosophy or lack of ideology, contemplation or the call to act, … Continue reading

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August Vilella. Transformation of mental vibrations

Emotions awaken Feelings …. Feelings make us Alive and Life in all its manifestations is beautiful. Fears, desires, dreams and sensations….they live in our subconscious. Curiosity, 2016, private collection, oil, … Continue reading

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When the reality goes in unreal way. Storm Thorgerson

“I listen to the music, read the lyrics, speak to the musicians as much as possible. I see myself as a kind of translator … I like to explore ambiguity … Continue reading

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Remedios Varo. Mystical Walks in the Subconscious

Walking in the subconscious of the artist is a kind of adventure. To get into secret alleys, to peer on the inhabitants of those places, strange, sometimes creepy, but still … Continue reading

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Playing cards by Ekaterina Mungalova

The idea to create  playing cards on the basis of existing artworks is not new. But it is extremely exciting. After all, factually, we can “revive” people lived in the … Continue reading

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When design inspires #7. Pure aesthetics of pure forms. Pierre Cabrera

The form. Line. Material. The harmony of these three components provides a clean design, free from any frippery, like the triumph of functionality and beauty. Twenty years after working in … Continue reading

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