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Five design things of this week #13

Winter dragged on, but anticipating of spring weather, we could dream of summer rest. A bit of Italian style and oriental bliss in the chosen design items this week. 1. Rothschild … Continue reading

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Five design things of this week #12

If the middle of November seems to you as dark and cold period, look at our selection of designer items. The oriental lamps in combination with ascetic lines of modern … Continue reading

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When design inspires # 9.Follow for the emotions. Jaime Hayon

To improve the world around you, create the atmosphere brighter, set the mood, to some extent, charge others by positive emotions, make you think, maybe even come to a meaningful … Continue reading

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Five design things of this week #11

November has came and it became colder and darker. It seems that white flies will fly soon, the snow will make our world whiter, but do not be dejected. This … Continue reading

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The crystal world of translucent geometry. Wenzel Hablik

Have you ever wanted to look inside the crystals? Perhaps,there is special world is lying behind the edges of pink quartz or blue corundum or any crystal  is the prism … Continue reading

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Star’s promises. Horoscopes for november

November  seems a dull and boring month, but only at first glance. In fact, this time bears in itself the soulfulness that prompts the person to understand himself and gain … Continue reading

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Five design things of this week #10

The last week of October is almost coming and our collection of things, maybe not quite, in the trend of these days. Although we like the general fun reigning in … Continue reading

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