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Five design things of this week #4

The time for set of ideas for the week #4, that includes these interesting oeuvres: 1. Dandelion S Wood touched by Light Dandelion, a big bang of light After a collaboration … Continue reading

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Five things of this week #3

The third set of this week consists: 1. Stellar Console Table by Jake Phipps Part of the award winning Stellar Collection – the Stellar Console Table is inspired by the … Continue reading

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When design inspires # 8. The birth of a new objective world. Giancarlo Zema

Wavy lines give the impression of a flowing form. Inspired by nature, its biomorphic silhouettes, Giancarlo Zema Design Group creates objects using new technologies to ensure that complex things are … Continue reading

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Five design things of this week #7

So… Our short Summer aspires to step down for the next season. And we are pacing reluctantly to the its last week. And we want to collect our weekly set … Continue reading

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Patrick Nagel. The captivating power of beauty and aloofness

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to assess the work of a modern artist, to define him as the founder of the direction of art, but no one can argue that Patrik Nagel (1945-1984) was a trendsetter, a creator who inspired a great number of illustrators, the concept of artists and designers. His manner is imitated and nowdays by the artists of comics, the game industry, animation and fashion-illustration.

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Five design things of this week #6

This summer has come over its “equator”. It’s a little bit sad, if consider that it didn’t indulge us by splendid weather. But the more dear to us glimpses of … Continue reading

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Stirring imagination. Asaf and Tomer Hanuka

The illustration should stir the imagination, considers Tomer Hanuka, an Israeli artist who with his twin brother the Asaph created, an incredible number of beautiful illustrations and comic books.

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