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Five design things of this week #5

In the summer time we all would like to make some  an orient fairy tale even if you are real minimalist, you could not refuse from soft light of candles … Continue reading

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Erasing all that is ugly. Raoul Dufy

To create patterns on fabrics, these endless masterpieces, a repeating ornament, to wrap it in rolls and to put on many people own art is a real fascinating task. And … Continue reading

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Five things of this week #2

The second set of ideas for the week includes these interesting oeuvres: Name of product 1. AIM Materials Aluminium, ABS Designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Design Year 2013 “The general … Continue reading

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The virtuoso of a pure line. Sven Brasch

The virtuoso of a clean line and almost pure color, artist-illustrator, designer, dandy, a favorite of Copenhagen’s high society, Sven Brasch (1886-1970) that still inspires us by his art legacy. … Continue reading

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Five things of the week 1

So, La frimeuse opens new category in the art journal , where we chose interesting things and art object for interior decoration. And there are first set: Pierre Cabrera, Table, … Continue reading

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Fantastic world of Eyvind Earle

Contemplation, tranquility and full Zen – that’s what  a modern man lacks sometimes. How oftenweI want to say to ourselves or to our relatives: “Let’s slow down the pace, let’s … Continue reading

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Michele D’Avenia. Sensuality of subjects and the movements of femininity

Contemporary art is a complex phenomenon, the closer it is to us, the harder it is  to understand its philosophy or lack of ideology, contemplation or the call to act, … Continue reading

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