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Five design things of this week #14

  In the spring we want to change especially, sharply, cardinally with a turn of 180 degrees. I want utmost clarity, black let it be black, red red, and white … Continue reading

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Creative anarchy or playing against the rules. Memphis

A good design, as many people think, consists of simple lines, clear forms, that reflects its content, functionality, restraint, elegance – generally, the good design is the thing speaking of … Continue reading

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Through the Glass.The amazing worlds created by Hermes

Window display is a special world that was originally created to attract the public to the stores, but at some point, it outgrew its utilitarian task and became really hypnotising, … Continue reading

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When design inspires # 11. The noble robe for king

The Munich agency Corporate Creation created a wonderful logo design and packaging for gin. King Gin is produced as a Bavarian dry gin in Furholne near Freising, in a small … Continue reading

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Diaghilev. The creator with invincible power that was falling love with art

Diaghilev … There are figures in the creative world, without which, art undoubtedly existed and developed in its own way, but perhaps not so rapidly and brightly  and  may be … Continue reading

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Five design things of this week #13

Winter dragged on, but anticipating of spring weather, we could dream of summer rest. A bit of Italian style and oriental bliss in the chosen design items this week. 1. Rothschild … Continue reading

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Five design things of this week #12

If the middle of November seems to you as dark and cold period, look at our selection of designer items. The oriental lamps in combination with ascetic lines of modern … Continue reading

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