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Five design things of this week #15

The end of May is a wonderful time when the sun still warms softly and affectionately, without thinking of burning, when the green of grass and foliage is bright and … Continue reading

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When design inspires # 12. 3d pottery of Michael Eden

When new technologies help to create, develop new ideas and create works with complex forms, random patterns and digitized textures, one can want to believe that we, even in our … Continue reading

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Five design things of this week #14

  In the spring we want to change especially, sharply, cardinally with a turn of 180 degrees. I want utmost clarity, black let it be black, red red, and white … Continue reading

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Creative anarchy or playing against the rules. Memphis

A good design, as many people think, consists of simple lines, clear forms, that reflects its content, functionality, restraint, elegance – generally, the good design is the thing speaking of … Continue reading

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Through the Glass.The amazing worlds created by Hermes

Window display is a special world that was originally created to attract the public to the stores, but at some point, it outgrew its utilitarian task and became really hypnotising, … Continue reading

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When design inspires # 11. The noble robe for king

The Munich agency Corporate Creation created a wonderful logo design and packaging for gin. King Gin is produced as a Bavarian dry gin in Furholne near Freising, in a small … Continue reading

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Diaghilev. The creator with invincible power that was falling love with art

Diaghilev … There are figures in the creative world, without which, art undoubtedly existed and developed in its own way, but perhaps not so rapidly and brightly  and  may be … Continue reading

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